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Common Questions About Autoimmune Disorders

Is What Started Out As An “Annoying Health Problem” Getting Worse?

Your immune system is designed to strategically locate harmful bacteria and viruses and then destroy them. The system is amazing and complex. But on occasion, the immune system can “misfire,” and when that happens, serious health problems can result. Individuals suffering from autoimmune diseases have immune systems that cannot properly differentiate between normal cells, bacteria and viruses. The end result is the immune system begins attacking normal cells. Disease and illness ensue.

As many as 32 million people in the United States have autoantibodies in their system. Autoantibodies are proteins made by the immune system that work to target the body’s tissues; however, autoantibodies don’t necessarily mean that one has an autoimmune disease. As it turns out, cancer, infections and other factors can cause autoantibodies.

Autoimmune disease can be very serious and even life threatening. Unfortunately, autoimmune diseases are far from being rare, as it is estimated that approximately 3% to 5% of people in the United Stated suffer from some kind of autoimmune disease. Rather surprisingly, about 75% of sufferers are women. In fact, some statistics indicate that up to 10% of deaths in women 64 years and younger may be attributable to autoimmune diseases.

Do You One Day Feel Quite Stable & The Next You Feel As Though You’re Headed For A Fall?

There are a variety of different autoimmune diseases so symptoms can vary. Inflammation is a key symptom and should be treated seriously, as inflammation is very often a symptom of either injury or disease. Fatigue, mood disorders and issues and digestive health issues are a few other frequently cited symptoms. Changes in blood pressure, swollen glands, painful joints, allergies, muscle weakness, sleep problems and the loss or gain of a significant amount of weight can all be indicators of an autoimmune disease. However, it should be noted that just because you have any, or even all, of these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that you have an autoimmune disease.

What Are Some Examples Of Autoimmune Disease?

Autoimmune diseases attack the body in a range of different and painful ways. Some of the more widely known autoimmune diseases include Crohn’s diseases and ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Grave’s disease). Each of these autoimmune diseases impacts a different system of the body.

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis- result in inflammation in the digestive system. Absorption of vital nutrients are lost and the body begins to waste away due to insufficient nutrition.

Multiple sclerosis- involves the immune system attacking the nervous system; this condition can extremely painful and life threatening as the nerves begins to degenerate.

Rheumatoid arthritis-Impacting joint health, in its most severe form rheumatoid arthritis can be more than painful, it can be crippling.

Thyroid disease-Hormones govern everything that the body does, which is what makes thyroid disease so problematic. In thyroid disease, normal hormone regulation is disrupted. The entire endocrine system as well as the organs and glands the regulate hormones are under attack.

Psoriasis- red and itchy patches of skin can be highly disruptive to daily life and personal appearance.

Do You Remember How It all Began? What Can Cause Autoimmune Diseases?

A great deal of research is currently being conducted in a quest to achieve greater understanding into the root causes of autoimmune diseases. Currently, it is believed that everything from genetics and exposure to toxic compounds in air, water, food and the environment, to stress and physical trauma may all play a part in autoimmune diseases.

Stress triggers the release of stress hormones, which, in turn, cause inflammation in the body. Almost every ailment (including autoimmune diseases and cancer) uses inflammation as a way to spread. This also means that anything that causes inflammation may play a role in autoimmune diseases and the severity of their symptoms.

Don’t Write Yourself Off Yet. Failure is Not An Option. Success Is. What Toxins Should You Avoid?

There are many factors that may be contributing to autoimmune disease issues. Chemicals, toxic food choices, heavy metals and other factors all may play a role. Foods, such as fast food and processed foods, which are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, food dyes and additives, artificial sweeteners, DNA damaging sugar, high levels of sodium, trans fats and other harmful compounds can all trigger inflammation. Poor food choices also mean inadequate nutrition, which impacts the body’s ability to repair and function properly.

Additionally, there are tens of thousands of chemicals present in the environment. Many of these chemicals are known to damage human health, increase the risk of disease and cause inflammation. Other candidates for triggering or worsening autoimmune diseases include infections, injuries and potentially even the aluminum in vaccinations. This is not a discussion of whether or not to vaccinate, only a point to the inclusion of aluminum in vaccines.

Some experts have pointed out that aluminum is a neurotoxin, which can cause brain inflammation and autoimmune disorders. Aluminum is present in most cookware.

There are a wide variety of other cited potential causes of autoimmune disease, which include exposure to heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic, blood transfusions, chronic stress, toxic work environments, hair dyes, antiperspirants, EMF exposure, cell phone use, Teflon and aluminum cookware, flu shots, phthalates, chemicals and heavy metals used in cosmetics, antibiotics and more. In short, the causes of autoimmune diseases are uniquely complex.

It doesn’t Matter What They Say. Do Heavy Metals Play a Role In Your Ability To Heal?

Heavy metal exposure is not good for the body. This factor is really not a matter of debate. Heavy metal exposure in the form of lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminum are difficult to avoid, as these materials are used in a variety of ways in manufactured goods. Aluminum is often found in both cookware and vaccines. Mercury, a known neurotoxin, is often found in large concentrations in seafood. If you have amalgam “silver” fillings, you have been exposed to mercury. Lead paint remains a persistent source of lead exposure. Cadmium is unique problematic, as it interferes with the body’s natural DNA repair mechanisms.

It is important to note that these compounds will damage your health. Higher levels of exposure can cause an array of problems, trigger inflammation throughout the body and contribute to a range of diseases.

What can I do to reduce my chances of developing an autoimmune disease or reduce or control the symptoms?

Again, it is important to note that what causes and triggers autoimmune diseases is complicated. Eliminating toxic compounds, such as heavy metals, will only serve to improve your overall health. There are other concrete steps that you can take as well. Improving your diet by eliminating fast food, junk food and processed food and consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables is a key way to improve your health.

Are Your Healthy Days Gone? What Steps Can You take?

There are three dimensions of care from autoimmune disease, and they are the biochemistry, energetic, and structural. Within the biochemistry dimension, it is important to take a look at which toxins might be impacting the body as well as the type of essential nutrients that might be lacking. Lab testing is the most efficient way to know which supplementation will be needed. Infrared detoxification, which removes toxins at a cellular level is used frequently. Make sure the wood used in the sauna is free of preservatives.

When it comes to the energetic dimension, we are referring to the meridian system used in Asian medicine. The structural dimension refers to the nervous system and its trillions of cells and the muscular system and joints throughout the body. Re-establishing structural integrity is the foundation of health. Many conditions improve when the structure of the body is properly re-established to allow a free flow of vital nerve energy.

Our immune system can only optimally function when the spine and nerves are running smoothly. That’s why that so many people who heal from autoimmune disease seek out the assistance of doctors that integrate treatment of the structural dimension.

Taking steps to reduce your stress level is an important part of addressing autoimmune disease. Meditation and yoga have both been scientifically proven to reduce stress hormones, such as cortisol, and that translates to less inflammation throughout the body.

Added to the long list of exercise’s benefits, we can now add its ability to help reduce the risk and impact of autoimmune disease. Moderate exercise helps remove toxic compounds from the body while at the same time lowering stress levels. Exercise is also a strong anti-inflammatory, meaning that exercise truly is one of the single best steps anyone can take to improve overall health.

No One Can Stop You Now. What Are The “Hidden” Dangers?

Some of the more hidden potential dangers are substances that could be harboring toxins. Cosmetics, dental amalgam, which contains mercury, hair dyes, furniture cushions, which contain harmful chemicals and flame retardants, and cleaning products are all significant potential dangers.

Another potentially significant danger is one of the easiest to overlook: water. Purifying one’s water is essential. After all, tap water can often harbor bacteria and viruses that put stress on the immune system. It can also contain heavy metals, such as mercury, as well as thousands of chemicals that have not been properly tested for their impact on human health. Clean water can boost your health and reduce inflammation. Reducing these compounds in your home can reduce your risk of disease.

Everyone Needs A Second Chance. What Foods Can Help Reduce The Severity Of Symptoms Of Autoimmune Disorders?

Some foods have strong anti-inflammatory properties. These foods include: purified fish oils, the spices turmeric and ginger, green tea, pineapple and the pineapple derived enzyme bromelain, berries such as blueberries, raw and cooked garlic and probiotics. Probiotics may also work to remove impurities from the digestive system and work to promote good overall gut health. Some foods such as diary, nightshades like eggplant, tomato and peppers, GMO foods, dairy and gluten containing wheat may all trigger an inflammatory response. Opting for organic foods will also reduce your exposure to pesticides.

Omega-3 rich foods are another very good idea, as they reduce inflammation. Studies have shown that omega-3 rich foods are excellent for both brain and heart health as well.

Here are some of the best omega-3 foods:

  • Sardines
  • Wild caught salmon
  • Grass fed, organic beef
  • Omega-3 enriched eggs
  • Flax seeds
  • Chia seeds

Food allergies can be a source of inflammation. Find out what foods you are allergic to and then eliminate them; doing so will significantly boost your overall health.


This isn’t the complete story of how to stop your body from attacking itself from an autoimmune disorder. That would take volumes.
All we have tried to do is lay a foundation of answers to some of the most common questions that are asked. We have excluded many things people are curious about but that bear little relation to a general Q and A session due to its detailed approach and interpretation.

For instance, we are now able to measure the bio-energetics of the body with Western technology. This monitors your level of energy within the meridian system. The meridian’s influence on the body is crucial in the healing process.

Or maybe you’d like to learn more about the link between viruses and autoimmune disease and what more you can do.

Or how about the concept that positive thinking may have the opposite effect you intend.

Overall, the other procedures we weren’t able to include in the general content of this information. But we’ll be glad to tell you anything more you’d like to know.

Other terms, such as gua sha, tui na, meridian imaging, tei shen and dozens of others we’ve had to omit due to lack of space and likely to encounter when you begin investigating various techniques and programs.

Many of these terms are defined at our Live Event: Autoimmune Disorder: How To Stop Your Body From Attacking Itself.” or included in one of our newsletters or blogs. We cover many aspects of healing and how to shift your body to support boosting and balancing your immune system. We will be glad to send you more information and also a copy or Dr. Aristotle’s 47 Tips to Boost Healing.

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Jack Canfield


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“He is the only human that ever made me feel whole again. As a patient you need to follow his protocols and listen to your body with the results. Healthy healing takes time and patience and much prayer. He is honest and really gets to the nitty gritty of the ailment. Dr. Economou has devoted his life to the art and practice of healing newborns to the elderly. “

L.C. Business Owner

“I’m a patient of Dr. Aristotle’s. When I first started seeing him I had terrible low back and neck pain and severe allergies. My condition was so bad that I was scheduled to retire from a job I loved. His treatments included gua sha, laser and gi-gong therapy and many others. His patience and understanding and kindness helped me improve and I could feel myself getting well again. Now I see him only a few times a year for maintenance treatments and my at home instructions. I am full of energy, and am able to return to my career once again. I am very grateful to him for his loving and professional care. “

S.B. Athletic Coach

“Outstanding workshop on “Stress Be Gone.” Enjoyed your explanation of how our subconscious minds affects self-healing. Looking forward to your next discussion. Great book.”

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“Kudos to you for your class on pain relief. I have tried the points in the book using the tei shen and laser for elbow pain. I noticed at least a 50% drop in pain after an hour or so. It’s hard to believe! I now use them both in my massage business.”

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“Traveling internationally on a regular basis gets difficult. Prior to seeing Dr. Aristotle, I was always dragging and sleepy. Ever since using Dr. Aristotle’s Jet Lag techniques I am now able to attend my corporate meetings alert and awake. Thank you!”

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H.J. Stay at Home Mom

“My friend dragged me along to see you at your presentation. I applied the tapping device and the gua sha device on the points for my knee pain I’ve had for months. I felt nothing happen. Then the next day when I woke up, the pain was almost gone. How is it possible? Thank you so much.”

S.L. Teacher

“It was an excellent lecture. Your discussion on heavy metals and how they contribute to pain in the body was fascinating. I want more!”

J.P. Communications Engineer

“Everything you presented in the workshop was great! Love the high tech laser approach.”

L.S. Retired

“Want to express my satisfaction with your unique and thorough approach to health. Your vast knowledge of Functional Medicine is impressive but more importantly your results speak for themselves. Rest assured, I will refer all my friends and family. “

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“Thank you for your symposium and workshops on healing. You inspiring topics in Functional Medicine are remarkable. I have your book and implemented the protocols with tremendous success. Results have also been phenomenal, not just for me but also my patient’s outcome to treatments have been outstanding! I look forward to attending your next lecture! “

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M.G. Dentist

“I was suffering from a serious eye problem that occurred suddenly while filming. I was worried it would affect my abilities as an actor. I desperately needed help. After seeing many doctors, I visited Dr. Aristotle’s office as a last ditch effort before considering leaving my acting career of over 20 years. He did not give up on me as my case was difficult. He used all the techniques including a laser. Once my problem was resolved, I was able to continue acting again. “

G.H. Actor

“The healing tools are wonderful! Love the red laser on the wellness points in your Change The Way You Heal book. I recommend both to my patients and the results are magnificent.”

T.W. Psychologist

“Your suggestions to help my father while he was in the hospital was greatly appreciated. I was able to contribute to his healing. I took your advice to “stay out of the waiting room and take an active role.” Your techniques and instruments were very successful. Laser was simple to use. Always In gratitude.”

M.B. Personal Assistant

“I am 44 years old and was worried when I experienced a condition that made my heart race. I was in the emergency room several times a week and after repeated testing I was told each time it was stress related. I believed I was dying.

I eventually made an appointment to see Dr. Aristotle. I had to be driven to the office by a friend. I was shaking and scared. Dr. Aristotle was so calm. I remember thinking, “can’t he see me…look at me trembling, I’m so dizzy, I feel like I’m dying.” The surroundings immediately calmed me as his knowledge, compassion, kindness and very different approach to my treatment was the way in granting me my life back.

I now drive myself to his valued treatments. I am truly grateful to him for assessing, treating and reversing the symptoms of my condition. It has been over a year since I have had symptoms. My life is full and I have Dr. Aristotle to be truly grateful for being on this earth and crossing my path. I will never be the same. “

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FB Business Owner

“I want to tell you that I deeply appreciate the treatment you gave me two summers ago. Being in your presence allowed me to experience and trust in our ability to heal ourselves as you so clearly represent.

The large benign tumor that had been growing on the side of my neck for 5 years has receded. Now, it is all gone and I am pain free and healed. I had been treated by two neck specialists for those 5 years and they told me the tumor would not go away. I tried many alternative healing modalities as well as yours and they all contributed to my well being but it was being in your presence that assured me that healing could be mine as well.

Thank you for sharing your experience and your being.

Thank you so much for your loving care.”

HD Artist

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Speaker: Dr. Aristotle Economou
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BONUS:  You’ll get your most challenging questions answered plus a free copy of Dr. Aristotle’s Best-Selling book “Change the Way You Heal, 7 Steps to Highly Effective Healing”

Seating is Limited for this private Group Event.

Note:  If you would like to see Dr. Aristotle one on one rather than attending a public forum, we also consult for qualified clients.  This is for those who would like to maintain their confidentiality and away from the public eye. Serious inquiries only.

Dr. Aristotle Economou D.C.,L.Ac.,(Az) Dipl.Ac.(I.A.M.A.), F.I.A.M.A.

Change The Way You Heal: 7 Steps To Highly Effective Healing.

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